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PApp Mortgage for Windows Mobile Pocket PC

Z4Soft PApp Mortgage Calculator is intended for the calculation of mortgage loan or personal loan.

PApp Mortgage creates a payment schedule for a fixed-rate loan with optional extra payments.

You can either calculate mortgage payments based on your inputs for a mortgage amount, rate and term or you can seek the size of mortgage that you can afford based on your inputs for a particular payment, rate and term.

The payment frequency can be: Annually, Semi-Annually, Quarterly, Bi-Monthly and Monthly.

You can create Principal/Interest charts, save your mortgage models, use password protection, export your models to MS Excel (.xls).

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The fully functional, except you cannot change the Annual Interest Rate of your mortgage model
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Using P-Mortgage  

Inputs (Mortgage Parameters)

Annual Interest Rate - example: enter 6 for 6% annual interest rate.

Term of Loan in Years - mortgage loans usually have 15 to 30 years. Personal loans have 2 - 10 years. For a six month term enter 6/12.

Payment Frequency - tap on the drop down arrow to choose the payment frequency (Annual, Semi-Annual, Quarterly, Bi-Monthly, Monthly).

First Payment Date - program assumes that the first payment date is at the end of the first period.

Loan Amount / Payment per Period - tap on the icon to choose your known value: Loan Amount (you know Loan Amount and you are seeking Payment per Period) or Payment per Period (you know Payment per Period and you are seeking the Loan Amount that you can afford).

Amortization Table

To create the Amortization Table: tap on the "Amortize" tab (on the bottom of the screen) and tap on the "Create Amortize Table".  You can also use Options > Amortize Table menu item.

Use "Options" > "Principal/Interest Chart" menu item or tap on the chart icon to show the Principal-Interest chart.

Tap on the "Hide" heading to hide the column. Tap on the "View All" heading to show all columns.

Use "Options" > "Additional Payments" menu item to unhide the Additional Payment column.  Use this column for optional extra payments.


File Menu

Save As - use "Save As" to save your mortgage models or to export your data to .xls (MS Excel) workbook.

Password - set/clear password for the current mortgage model.


View Menu

Set zoom level to: 70%, 80%, 90%, 100%, 150%, Cystom


Options Menu

Amortize Table - creates the Amortization Schedule.

Switch Loan/Payment Seek - switches known input value: Loan Amount or Payment per Period.

Additional Payments - creates the Additional Payment column in the Amortize Table.

Principal/Interest Chart - shows Principal-Interest chart.

Help - opens help.

PApp Mortgage was created in Z4Soft PApp Spreadsheet Forms Application Generator.


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