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Z4Soft company was established in 1999. Z4Soft main products are PTab spreadsheet for Windows CE and 602Tab spreadsheet for desktop Windows (it's a part of 602 PC Suite, http://www.software602.com). PTab is sold through Internet shops or bundled to CE devices of our OEM partners.

Founders of Z4Soft company have been in software industry for more than a decade. Z4Soft aim is to develop software solutions for mobile and handheld computers. Programming team has more then 15 years of experience in developing spreadsheets (Calc602 for MS DOS, 602Tab for Windows and PTab for Windows CE) and other applications.

PTab Spreadsheet

PTab has been sold since 1999. It is based on our matured code ported from full featured Windows spreadsheet (602Tab - over 300,000 registered users in last 12 months). We have tens of thousands of customers world wide including many from large corporations. We have also several OEM partners.


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