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PTab Spreadsheet Macro Samples

Simple Samples

Name Description Demonstrated  features/functions
ListBox Various methods how to create tappable in-cell listbox Tap on cell, Listbox(), Listbox2()
Button Button sample Tap on cell, Zoom()
CheckBox Checkbox Tap on cell, Set(), ActiveCell()
OnFileOpen OnFileOpen macro OnFileOpen, MsgBox()
Sort Sort of table by tapping on a column heading Tap on cell, Sort(), Sel()
Conditional Formatting Format a cell according to its value New Value In, FormatPainter()
Custom View Show/hide part of table New Value In, Data Validation, ColHide(), RangeRef()


Advanced Samples

MathActionOnRange Performs math operation (+,-,*,/) on a range of cells Menu Item, for cycle, InputBox(), CellRef(), ListBox2()
TrackChanges Creates journal of cell changes New Value In, ActiveSheet(), LastRow(), Now(), Address()
PriceRules Shows how to use macros to implement business rules New Value In, macro subroutines, Weekday()
Calendar Day calendar New Value In, Tap on cell, macro subroutines, OnFileOpen, FormatPainter(), DateValue(),
Alcohol Calculates and creates chart of alcohol blood level CellTask(), ListBox2(), Copy()
Linear Equations Linear equations solver Tap on cell, LastRow(), LastCol(), CellRef(), RangeRef()
Database Database form New Value In, Tap on cell, macro subroutines, DeleteCells(), FormatPainter(), TopLeftCell(), ActiveSheet()
DetInv Calculates determinant and inverse matrix Tap on cell, Copy(), Paste(), RangeRef(), LastRow()
Functions Creates charts of sin x, cos x, etc. functions Cell task, ListBox(), RangeRef()
PTabInvoice Fully functional invoice manager. Enable creation, editing, printing (on desktop/hpc), invoices, products, customers. New Value In, Tap on cell, DeleteCells(), ListBox(), Clear(), YesNoBox()




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