Software for Orange SPV M1500

PTab Spreadsheet Pocket PC

PTab for Orange SPV M1500 main features: Microsoft Office Excel & Pocket Excel compatibility, macros, charts, data validation, dropdown boxes, outline etc.

Drum Loop

Use it as drum loop machine or luxury metronome.

Touch Home Screen

Finger-friendly, lightweight and easy to use apps / web pages / docs launcher and favorites dialer for Windows Mobile devices with Touch screen.


Z4Music sequencer/composer program allows you to compose your own songs or create a drum loops.

Time Central

Windows Mobile stopwatch, timer and metronome in one app.

PApp Expense

PApp Expense is a powerful and easy to use expense management program for Orange SPV M1500.

PApp Invoice

PApp Invoices is a powerful and easy to use invoice manager for Pocket PC.

Mobile Calculator

Universal Windows Mobile calculator application with Excel compatible formulas.

PApp Mortgage

PApp Mortgage Calculator is intended for the calculation of mortgage loan or personal loan.